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A friend of mine once told me a joke about our college. It goes like this.

Question: How many Christ Church dons does it take to replace a light-bulb?
Answer: Change?!

And indeed, some scenes never change in Christ Church, which of course makes it all the more friendly to photograph. This evening was a very foggy one and the atmosphere was so eerie that I simply had to kindly ask a friend of mine to walk right in front of me as he came out of hall wearing his scholar’s gown so that I could snap a picture which hopefully evokes the sense of timelessness of this place. I post-processed it to get that old gritty feel of grainy film (and frankly, it was grainy enough to begin with). Anyway, it’s a bit experimental, so I hope you enjoy – and if you’re in Oxford, try not to get lost… it’s dark and foggy outside…
*creepy music plays in the background

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