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August Supermoon

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In keeping with my earlier resolution that I will update this blog regularly, here goes another post.  This time, the picture is of the “supermoon” from yesterday evening.  Enjoy!

A post back from home

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So dear blog followers, it’s been no less than three whole months since my last update here – and admittedly,  I do feel quite bad about this.  It was a period packed with activity, from shooting weddings to hiking in the Alps and seeing my work published in National Geographic.  Also, MUSE (which is this really cool camera/spectrograph I’m working on at

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After the Storm

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After a night of lightning and thunder came a splendid, sunny day. Here’s a picture I snapped in the afternoon of the view across the street.

The last picture of 2011… bring on 2012!

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Here goes the last post for this year… the very last picture of 2011 that will make it on this blog. The very blog which I started, as a matter of fact, in 2011. What a year it has been! So with this picture, which was taken as the sun slowly set in the West upon my village of Ghajnsielem,

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