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Richard Dawkins in conversation with Daniel Dennett

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This evening I attended a conversation between Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett held at the Examination Schools in Oxford. The discussion between the two ranged fairly freely, but highlights from the evening included a brief discussion of language (arguably, the defining feature of humankind), the application of the meme concept to religious belief, and The Clergy Project. If I were

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The nature and origin of human beings: Richard Dawkins and Rowan Williams

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It has certainly been a week of discussions, although admittedly, in Oxford it always is. On Monday, Richard Dawkins spoke at the Oxford Town Hall about secularism in the UK. Thursday afternoon, on the other hand, saw a much anticipated debate between Richard Dawkins and Rowan Williams, chaired by Sir Anthony Kenny. The Sheldonian was packed, the physics department’s live

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Christopher Hitchens: 1949 – 2011

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Here’s a picture of the late Christopher Hitchens. This was snapped at the Sheldonian Theatre in 2010. One might have disagreed with his harsh and direct ways, but it’s hard not to appreciate his honesty and strength until his very last days. Below I reproduce the first page of his memoirs, Hitch-22, in which he described his first memories, which

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Dawkins and Grayling discuss.

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So on Tuesday, I decided to miss a wonderful special Graduate dinner in Christ Church in order to attend a discussion between Richard Dawkins and Anthony C. Grayling about whether there can ever be evidence for the supernatural. The discussion was held in the beautiful Oxford Examination Schools as part of the Oxford Think Week – a week of high

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