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The perfect weather for a photograph.

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All in all, today was a good day – except for the fact that this afternoon I accidentally locked myself out of the office and had to cross town twice to get the key from an office mate who luckily was still around. (Perhaps these days’ stress is taking its toll after all.) As I walked (ran, actually) into town

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The nature and origin of human beings: Richard Dawkins and Rowan Williams

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It has certainly been a week of discussions, although admittedly, in Oxford it always is. On Monday, Richard Dawkins spoke at the Oxford Town Hall about secularism in the UK. Thursday afternoon, on the other hand, saw a much anticipated debate between Richard Dawkins and Rowan Williams, chaired by Sir Anthony Kenny. The Sheldonian was packed, the physics department’s live

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Christopher Hitchens: 1949 – 2011

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Here’s a picture of the late Christopher Hitchens. This was snapped at the Sheldonian Theatre in 2010. One might have disagreed with his harsh and direct ways, but it’s hard not to appreciate his honesty and strength until his very last days. Below I reproduce the first page of his memoirs, Hitch-22, in which he described his first memories, which

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The Sheldonian at night.

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I know. As soon as you read the title of this post you probably thought “The Sheldonian… again?!” But bear with me a moment. I invite you to look again at the pictures of this place which I’ve posted in the past – and I am sure that the first thing you’ll notice is that no two photos quite ever

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The Bridge of Sighs

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Here is a picture of one of the major tourist attractions in Oxford – Hertford college’s Bridge of Sighs designed by Sir Thomas Jackson and completed in 1914. A famous legend about the bridge says that a long time ago, the bridge was closed so that the students would be forced to exercise themselves by taking the stairs since a

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