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A post back from home

Joseph/ August 11, 2014/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

So dear blog followers, it’s been no less than three whole months since my last update here – and admittedly,  I do feel quite bad about this.  It was a period packed with activity, from shooting weddings to hiking in the Alps and seeing my work published in National Geographic.  Also, MUSE (which is this really cool camera/spectrograph I’m working on at

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Port Meadow

Joseph/ August 21, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

In between thesis writing and data analysis, I’m trying to make a little bit of time for photography when the weather is nice… you know, to keep my mental faculties sane, if for nothing else. So this afternoon, upon leaving the department and noticing that there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky (you’ve got to be an Oxford local

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Venus Transit ~ 5-6 June 2012

Joseph/ June 6, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Here is a series of pictures of the transit of Venus, snapped from Port Meadow in Oxford early this morning. There was a huge patch of cloud right where the sun was rising – and I was sure that I was not going to see a thing. But then, luckily the clouds cleared for a brief moment, a bird decided

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Sunset Trees

Joseph/ February 27, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Well, yesterday the late afternoon light was beckoning and the scene slowly turned into this. Have a good start to the week!

Mgarr Harbour

Joseph/ December 30, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Here is a picture of a very calming scene, one of those which I miss whenever I leave this place. This photo shows my village of Ghajnsielem at sunset. More specifically, it shows Mgarr Harbour, as one of the ferries leaves Gozo for the island of Malta.

When the world is still asleep

Joseph/ December 23, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 1 comments

Early this morning I headed out to the sea again, this time with my good friend and fellow photographer Armand Sciberras, who dropped me a message late last night to ask if I was up for a sunrise shoot. And shoot we did. Early mornings are truly beautiful. There is something incredibly peaceful about them; you look around and there

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Riding at Sunset

Joseph/ June 15, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 1 comments

Today’s picture takes us back to Noordwijk in the Netherlands. After a day-long meeting at the European Space Agency we headed out for dinner at a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach. I confess I was considerably distracted from my food all the time, as I watched the sun slowly setting beyond the horizon. Then, when least expected, three horses came

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Joseph/ May 19, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Hello from the Netherlands! As you’ll have worked out from that greeting message, I’m away from Oxford right now, having hopped over to the Netherlands to attend a meeting at ESA ESTEC in lovely Noorwijk. And here is a snapshot of the beach in Noordwijk. You will most definitely be seeing more pictures from this trip!