The Sun returns to Berlin

Joseph/ March 2, 2013/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

For the first time in weeks, months even – the sun has returned to Berlin. It goes without saying that my spirits were lifted to the heights they used to occupy before the Wintry misery set in. (Each sentence I write drips with my love for Winter, doesn’t it?) Anyway, so this afternoon I went for the first proper photo-walk with my camera, exploring the neighbourhood where I live. (Yes, it was too cold and grey all Winter, so it’s only now that I’ve ventured to explore even my immediate surroundings.) Of particular note was Schloß Charlottenburg round the corner (quite literally), which I suspect you will be seeing quite a lot of on this blog in the near future. And best of all, I discovered the equivalent of Oxford’s Christ Church Meadow in the form of Schloßpark (more of this later, too).

Anyway, for now let me leave you with this picture of Schloß Charlottenburg and a statue of Friedrich Wilhelm the First (who looks rather too happy with himself, unlike his horse, if you ask me).

I hope you’re having a nice weekend, folks! Now that the sun seems to have returned, expect to see quite a few pictures appearing over here, so watch this space!

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