Tech Dive on the Karwela

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post – not because there hasn’t been any diving in the meantime (although, admittedly, I managed to dive less than I was hoping) – but rather because recently I was mostly focused on testing out various equipment and weighting configurations. For this reason, I did not carry the camera with me on all dives.

Well, that changed last Tuesday.  Together with Brian Azzopardi from Atlantis Diving, I did a dive specifically intended to obtain some footage of the Karwela wreck.  You’ll get to see the footage at some point later (I’m working on a film project right now), but for now I do have a few stills to share here.

Brian hovering up the stairs of the Karwela

Recently we had been having quite some windy weather, so visibility wasn’t fantastic (by local standards, at any rate).  The water on the lower deck was very murky (read that as “pitch black”) so we decided to skip it on this dive.

Me following suit…

The dive was a fairly short one (54mins) with a maximum time-to-surface of 13 minutes, thanks to accelerated decompression via a ~50% Nitrox mix in a deco bottle.  We didn’t encounter a lot of marine life on this one; the most exciting specimen was a beautifully-coloured moray eel hiding in a crevice on the wreck.

Me after having come up the stairs of the Karwela.


A post-dive picture

All in all, a pleasant dive which yielded some nice footage for the video project that’s underway – and my last dive for 2016.  Stay tuned for more in the new year!  Speaking of which, happy new year to all!


Dive Log Info
Date: 27/12/2016
Site: Xatt l-Ahmar
Time in: 09:17
Time out: 10:11
Runtime: 54mins
Max Depth: 39.1m
Bottom Temperature: 16ºC
Visibility: Moderate

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