The wreck of the Cominoland

Having recently visited the Karwela and Xlendi a couple of times each, it was only apt to pay a visit to the third member of the family of wrecks scuttled off the coast of Xatt l-Ahmar.  This time round, it was the turn of the Cominoland.

The stern of the Cominoland.

We planned to stay for 30 minutes at 40m, switching to 52% O2 to accelerate our decompression.

Diver by the Cominoland

After going around the stern, we proceeded to slightly shallower waters, making our way to the ship’s deck.

The deck of the Cominoland.

We finned along the deck and went for a quick excursion inside.

Inside the Cominoland.

Just before leaving, we came upon a little scorpion fish by one of the windows.

Look!  A scorpion fish!


Close-up view.

The end of our bottom time quickly approached, so we started our gradual ascent.

Ascent by the mast.

Before we left, however, we paused to photograph a most quirky and – I warn you – somewhat scary feature.  Some people sure have a sense of humour!

The horrors of the deep.

The dive profile and log can be found below as usual.  Hopefully, I’ll soon find some time to post some pictures from the subsequent dive.  Hope you enjoyed this one.  Until the next, happy & safe diving!

The dive profile.
Dive Log Info
Date: 13/05/2017
Site: Cominoland Wreck
Time in: 09:50
Time out: 10:49
Runtime: 69mins
Max Depth: 40m
Max TTS: 22mins
Bottom Temperature: 17ºC
Visibility: Very good

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