The weekend’s diving

This weekend I met up for a couple of dives with my friend Charles Paul Azzopardi, a medical doctor specialising in hyperbaric medicine and a great guy in general.  Since we had never dived together before and each of us is using a different configuration (backmount vs. sidemount), for our first dive together we chose an easy site, both to get used to each other’s equipment, and also to iron out any potential issues before going for a “proper” dive.  As those of you familiar with Gozo diving would probably have immediately guessed, Xwejni bay was our pick.

The perfect conditions and crystal clear water of Xwejni Bay.


Charles Paul on sidemount at Xwejni Bay.


Charles Paul sporting his sidemount setup.


The (obligatory?) selfie of the dive buddies.

Following this first check-out dive, we were ready to do a normal, deeper dive.  Charles Paul hadn’t yet dived the Inland Sea Tunnel, so our choice of site was an easy decision.  The sight of the deep blue ahead with a touch of iridescence never fails to arrest my breath.  I think I have said this before on this blog, but the Inland Sea tunnel truly is one of my top favourite dives on the island.

Our second dive together at the tunnel of the Inland Sea in Dwejra.

The dive profile for the second dive (33m max depth) is found below.  Until the next one, happy and safe diving!


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