Lighting up the darkness.

Joseph/ January 28, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 1 comments

It’s somewhat funny that my second posted picture should have been taken on the same day as the first. But then again, when one is at home with a cold, picture-taking opportunities are somehow limited, aren’t they? Anyway, back to the picture. I have a fascination with that time of day when light gives way to darkness, not because of the darkness, but because it’s the time when the sky colours up in defiance, whilst all nature hushes in silence. And what about that lamp in the picture? Well, as pretty as it may look in this photo, may I bring to your attention the fact that these are the worst possibly designed lamps, in that all their light is directed skywards rather than to the ground, where we need it. As a result, we pollute the sky with unwanted light and blot out that most beautiful and primitive of twinkling light – starlight which has crossed thousands, millions, even billions of light-years.

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  1. Nice composition and colours.

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