Sights in the sky

Joseph/ December 6, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

At long last, I’ve taken a new picture. This evening was particularly cold, at least according to my perception, although I maintain that 2degC should be deemed cold by anyone. Anyway, I was on my way back home from college when I was met by the sight of Jupiter and the moon staring back at me from behind Tom Tower. As I hastily took out my camera, I expected that I’d be shooting a couple of pictures and move on. However, I soon realized that clouds were moving quickly and that I was getting some interesting shapes. This had potential. I increased the exposure through ramping up the ISO, slowing the exposure to 1/30s and opening up the aperture. I was shooting hand-held at 50mm pointing the camera sky-wards, so anything below 1/30s just wasn’t feasible. The increase in exposure brought to life an interesting new dimension – colour. Whilst with my naked eyes I could already pick up a faint reddish halo surrounding the moon, it was when I overexposed the moon that the colour popped out, leaving me fairly surprised as I stared at the screen of my camera. I stayed in the same spot for some time, shooting the same scene with different cloud formations. This frame is my favourite result out of 66 attempts. Got to say that it feels really good to be back shooting. Enjoy!

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