The Milky Way Sets over the Sea

Joseph/ October 13, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 4 comments

First proper astrophoto with the Nikon D800E. After a stormy day, the skies cleared – and I was waiting on the other side of the island… camera ready in hand (or rather, on a tripod)! The noise performance of the D800E’s sensor is just incredible. This was shot using my trusty Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens @ 14mm.


    1. Wow…fantastic!!
      I’ll be in Malta on holiday and I hope the milky way will be also visible like this.
      Is that photo a stack of multiple exposures?
      How many seconds you can expose before the stars trails?

      Thanks and congratulations!

      1. Hi Riccardo. This picture was actually taken from the sister island of Gozo, at Dwejra. The view of the night sky from Dwejra is probably the best you can get on the islands. This photo is not a stack, but a single exposure of 30 seconds at ISO 6400 (if I remember correctly). Then I worked on it a fair bit in post. The view of the Milky Way will of course be clearest when the air is not hazy, so if you get a chance to visit Dwejra on a crisp, clear night while you’re there, I definitely recommend it. Enjoy your holiday!

  1. Hi Joseph.
    That is one good looking photo. I have a Nikon d5300 with a lens minimum of 18mm and f3.5. Will I be able to capture an image like that if I go down to Dwejra? What is the best time in the night??

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