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Below you may find some pictures from the launch of an exhibition of my astrophotography in Valletta. Full details about the event follow.  The amount of great questions by curious minds of all ages is always an incredible inspiration!

Event Description

The observation of the night sky has shaped human cultures since the earliest of times. People wondered about the stars, imagined shapes and figures, and fashioned stories and cosmologies around them. Calendars and festivals revolved around the dance of celestial objects – with their mark and influence felt to this day. Astronomy has revealed a deeper connection between us and the skies above our heads, for we are the product of the cosmic furnaces we call stars. As Carl Sagan put it, we are their children. Modern technology permits us to peer deep into the cosmos, in the process unravelling its mysteries and pondering upon our own origins.

This exhibition marks 50 years since the first human landing on the moon and 100 years since the confirmation of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. It features a set of astrophotographs captured from the Maltese islands by astrophysicist Dr Joseph Caruana, and invites us to immerse ourselves into the colourful beauty of our universe, as we reflect upon our place in the cosmos.

A short presentation and Q&A was held at 19:30.

This event is being organised by the Malta Humanist Association in collaboration with the Valletta Cultural Agency as part of the Science in the City, Malta festival.

Special Thanks to St Ignatius’ College Secondary School for further support of the event.

Launch Event: 27th September 19:30 (open until 22:00)
Venue: The Malta Chamber of Commerce, The Exchange Buildings, Rebublic Street, Valletta
Runs until: 3rd October
(normal opening hours of Chamber of Commerce)
Facebook Event Page:

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