Eternal peace.

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This place keeps drawing me to it. It is a site which I’ve photographed countless times before, yet every time feels like my first time. It possesses a beauty and timelessness which conveys to me a sense of peace like no other place. So yesterday I went along with all the kit hoping to get a new angle on it. I arrived quite early, so I kept trying different perspectives, climbing up and down the jagged Dwejra landscape, lugging about 10kg on my back, dragging the tripod in one hand and holding on to rocks with the other. I left my stuff in a safe corner and crawled slowly to the edge (I wonder what the people who were around must have thought!) Unavoidably, I had to set up my camera & tripod in a spot which was not exactly the safest of the lot, but compared to the place I landed myself in last time I was in Gozo over Christmas, it was relatively ok. I set up the tripod, mounted the trusty 14-24mm wide-angle Nikkor lens on my camera and stood there waiting for the right time as tourists flocked the place, many of whom politely called from a safe distance away to ask if I’d mind snapping a picture for them. So there I was for two hours until this picture (and two others) was made just a couple of minutes before I left. And here you have it. The story of how yet another picture (and my favourite one, at that) of the Azure Window was made. I hope you enjoy it!

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