Boat dive on the Azure Window Remains

Hello one and all!  I haven’t had time to post anything from my dives over the past few weeks, but here go a few pictures from the most recent one: a boat dive on the remains of the collapsed Azure Window.

We departed in hot and sunny conditions -a  typical Maltese August day.  The sea was as inviting as it gets: a deep alluring blue that calms the soul.

On our way to the dive site we enjoyed tremendous views of Gozo’s majestic cliffs, glowing in morning sunlight.

After a final pre-dive check on the rebreathers, we jumped in the water for a 75min dive (max depth: 38m).


It was a beautiful dive.  The underwater landscape at the site of the collapsed window is terrific – and whilst this was not my first dive here (indeed I had dived the site with friends very soon after the window’s collapse, and a few more times since then), it hasn’t failed to impress me yet again.  This time round I could also spend more time at depth since I was diving a CCR, and since both entry and exit points were right above the site (it being a boat dive), we could spend all our time at the site with no swimming to a faraway exit point required.  Still, one thing is for sure: next time we’ll be spending even more time here!

Flying over the Azure Window Remains (Photo of myself snapped by my friend Arthur Castillo.)


Photo snapped by Arthur Castillo

Upon surfacing we were welcomed by a complete change in weather conditions: stormy skies with thunder, lightning and rain.

Gozo’s cliffs and a stormy sky in the background.


We all agreed that we simply have to visit and dive this site again very soon.

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