Feedback document on draft guidelines for the reduction of light pollution

josephcaruana/ August 3, 2020

Recently, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and the Planning Authority (PA) published draft guidelines for the reduction of light pollution. As part of the public consultation process, a feedback document was prepared and submitted on behalf of the Night Sky Brightness Monitoring Group within the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy. This document can be accessed by clicking here.

Radio Interview on the Night Sky Brightness in Malta

josephcaruana/ April 16, 2020

19-26 April is International Dark Skies Week.  In the latest edition of Danielle Farrugia’s science  programme ‘Radio Mocha’ we talked about Malta’s night sky brightness, light pollution, and the effects of the latter upon astronomy, ecology and human health. The programme (in Maltese) can be viewed on Facebook by clicking here.

TVAM interview on light pollution

josephcaruana/ March 2, 2020

Below is a recent interview on our study that produced the first map of the night sky brightness in Malta, and on light pollution in general.

TV News Feature on Study of Light Pollution in Malta

josephcaruana/ February 3, 2020

TVM aired a news feature on our study on light pollution in Malta; you may view it by clicking here.  TVM have also uploaded an English transcript which can be accessed by clicking here.

First Major Scientific Study on Light Pollution in the Maltese Islands

josephcaruana/ January 31, 2020

The very first major scientific study of light pollution in Malta has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Environmental Management.  A special webpage accompanying this study may be accessed by clicking here or visiting

An Astronomical Observatory for Gozo

josephcaruana/ October 23, 2019

I recall many people’s hopes for an astronomical observatory since the time I was a junior member of the Astronomical Society of Malta. Today, an MoU was signed between the University’s Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy and the Eco-Gozo directorate within MGOZ for such a project to move forward, and we’re all very excited about what it will mean for public engagement and students’ research projects alike. There are

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Talking Space with Primary School Children

josephcaruana/ October 22, 2019

Talking to primary school children about space is possibly my favourite outreach activity. This age group invariably comes up with the best questions. Unbridled curiosity coupled with a feeling that any question is a valid one oftentimes results in very incisive questions, and diluted replies are not acceptable. If a kid is not satisfied with an answer, they will tell you so. Thus, the question of how planets form led to

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Speaking on Light Pollution

josephcaruana/ October 7, 2019

As a follow-up to my article published in the latest edition of the University of Malta’s Think magazine dealing with light pollution, I was invited by the lovely THINK team to talk about Light Pollution and Dwejra at one of their Soapbox events. It was a great opportunity to further spread the word on the importance of saving the night and conserving our Dark Sky Heritage Areas. Some photos follow

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First Management Committee Meeting of MW-Gaia

josephcaruana/ September 9, 2019

Recently we had the first management committee meeting of MW-Gaia, held at the Institute of Astronomy (IoA) of the University of Cambridge.  In parallel to this we also had the first Working Group 1 (WG1) Workshop.  Below you may find a few pictures I snapped during this meeting.  You may follow updates by visiting our Facebook Page.