First images from JWST: ASM outreach event & TV news feature

josephcaruana/ July 13, 2022

This week was a special one indeed. Finally, we were able to see the first images from JWST – the remarkable telescope we have been awaiting for so many years! Tuesday, 12th July was characterised by outreach and public engagement activity. More details below. Credit for above image: NASA, ESA, CSA and STSci. Event by the Astronomical Society of Malta and Esplora The day’s outreach activity started with a great

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Public talk on light pollution in the Maltese Islands

josephcaruana/ February 28, 2022

This evening, the Astronomical Society of Malta organised a public talk about light pollution on the Maltese Islands. It was a well-attended event where I was given the opportunity to present the work in this area of my research group at University, and discuss the effects and implications of the problem of light pollution, specifically as it pertains to scientific observations, ecology, and human health. The one-hour talk was followed

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STEM Career Stories 2022

josephcaruana/ January 26, 2022

In January 2022, Esplora (within the Malta Council for Science and Technology) organised ‘STEM Career stories’, where a series of 10 stories were read to school students online. It was an opportunity to bring the students in touch with STEM professionals in various fields. I had the pleasure to participate in two of these events on the 19th and 25th of January . The story that was read to the students

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Radio interview about our group’s work on galaxies

josephcaruana/ January 6, 2022

My PhD student, Karl Fiteni, and I participated in the radio programme Radio Mocha to discuss our group’s research work on galaxies, specifically galactic dynamics, carried out in collaboration with the research group of Prof Victor Debattista from the University of Central Lancashire.              

TV interview on the James Webb Space Telescope

josephcaruana/ December 24, 2021

The James Webb Space Telescope – the most powerful space telescope yet – is finally about to be launched. We discussed this space observatory during the programme TVAM.   

Discussion with students about astronomy and working in science

josephcaruana/ March 24, 2021

Today we had a very interesting online workshop with students (13 – 19 years old, both from Malta and abroad) as part of ESPLORA’s “Catch Them Young” programme, itself part of Project RAISE (Raising Awareness and Interest in STEAM Employment). The most interesting part – as is often the case – was the time when the students themselves asked their questions. In a time of pandemic, many schools have missed out on

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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

josephcaruana/ December 17, 2020

On this page you may find some information about the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the 21st of December, 2020, including some visuals and videos created with Stellarium showing the view of the sky; these include views over the past few days up to (and beyond) the 21st of December, and of historical occurrences of the same phenomenon. This event has caught the attention of many, and has been mentioned a lot in the

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