First dive at Cathedral Cave

Before anything else, what a stunning dive!  This is easily one of my favourite dive sites in Gozo.

We commenced with a shore entry at Wied l-Ghasri (yes, it’s many steps to reach the bay – and don’t forget it’s the same number back up!). Following a moderate surface swim, we descended into the crystal clear waters and slowly made our way out, admiring various species on our journey.

From the outside, the entry to the cave looks dark and unremarkable – as if unwilling to give up the secrets of the beauty it holds within.  But once you have swum a few metres inside, look back and admire the gorgeous blue light coming through the entrance.  Possibly even more special is the sight of electric blue that stuns you when you surface inside the cave and look back down into the water.

Cathedral Cave, Gozo
Cathedral Cave, Gozo
Dive Log Info
Date: 13/04/2015
Site: Wied l-Ghasri (Cathedral Cave)
Time in:
Time out:
Max Depth: 18.8m
Bottom Temperature: 15ºC
Visibility: Good

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