First encounter with Forskalia edwardsi

On the same dive when I first visited Cathedral cave, I was lucky enough to come across Forskalia edwardsi for the first time, a fascinating specimen that deserves a separate post.  Forskalia edwardsi (Grand siphonophore) is actually not a single animal, but a colony of polyps each serving a specific purpose.  For instance, the top part of the colony serves to assist the colony in floating, whereas lower down one finds polyps responsible for feeding and reproduction, for instance.  It’s a stinging species common in the Mediterranean – and is also bioluminescent.

Forskalia Edwardsi (Grand Siphonophore)
Forskalia Edwardsi (Grand Siphonophore)
Dive Log Info
Date: 19/02/2016
Site: Wied l-Ghasri
Time in: 14:00
Time out:
Max Depth: 18.8m
Bottom Temperature: 15ºC
Visibility: Good

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