Photographing the Karwela

With the wind still blowing from the North (and set to keep doing so throughout the week), we again went to the South coast on Monday morning.  I had in mind to take some pictures of the Karwela from a few angles I had not yet visited.  Specifically, I wanted to obtain a picture of the vessel facing its bow.  We planned a dive of 30 minutes at 40 metres utilising 51% O2 for the accelerated decompression phase of the dive.

Upon arriving at the wreck Brian hovered by the bow for the previously-agreed-upon picture.  The Karwela, sitting perfectly straight on the sandy bottom, presents a truly beautiful sight as you approach it, as the below two pictures illustrate.

Brian posing by the Karwela.


Another photo of the Karwela from a similar angle.

When I was happy with the pictures at the bow, we proceeded along the side of the Karwela where I snapped a few more pictures.


I then handed over the camera to Brian so that he could shoot some video footage of me hovering at depth for purposes of trim assessment following the diver (“trim” is diver-speak for horizontal position underwater).

We encountered a nicely-hidden and very cooperative Scorpion fish on the wreck.

A well-camouflaged Scorpion fish hiding on the wreck.

Once our bottom time was up, we proceeded with our ascent, completing one decompression stop after the next, until we came to our last deco stop at 3 metres.


All in all, another lovely dive that yielded a couple of pictures I quite like.  It certainly left me looking forward to the next one!

Dive Log Info
Date: 01/05/2017
Site: Karwela Wreck
Time in: 09:54
Time out: 10:23
Runtime: 81mins
Max Depth: 40m
Max TTS: 29mins
Bottom Temperature: 15ºC
Visibility: Very good

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