Of Slipper Lobsters and Caves

Hello folks!  Here goes another post, this time featuring two pictures from two separate dives.  The first photograph is of a Mediterranean Slipper Lobster encountered at Ras il-Hobz.  The Mediterranean Slipper Lobster (Scyllarides Latus) can grow up to 45cm and lives in depths of anywhere between 4m and 100m.  Its diet consists largely of molluscs, and it leads a mostly nocturnal life. Scyllarides Latus is a rare encounter since this species has been overfished, so it is always a treat to witness a specimen, especially when it’s as fine as the one we saw on this dive!

A fine example of a Slipper Lobster

The second picture comes from a separate dive that took place at one of my top favourite sites in Gozo, namely Cathedral Cave.  Few places I have seen come close to the peace and beauty of this underwater cavern.  I particularly cherish the silence that usually ensues when when divers surface inside this cave, stunned as they are by the sight of dazzling blue coming from below and the humbling quietness of the dry chamber.

The peaceful beauty of Cathedral Cave.

I’ll close off this one here.  Until the next one, I wish you all happy & safe diving!

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