Dive at the Inland Sea Tunnel

Here go a few pictures from a recent dive at the Inland Sea.  Guess what?  A recreational dive conducted in wetsuit!  Yes, it’s that hot again.

Unfortunately time is a bit lacking at the moment, so this post will be a very short one and I will leave you with the pictures, which I hope you’ll enjoy!  I am also including a short video clip that gives an overall impression of the dive.

Happy & safe diving!

The tunnel


Divers return at the Inland Sea Tunnel.


Backlit diver.



Dive Log Info
Date: 21/06/2017
Site: Inland Sea Tunnel
Time in: 13:49
Time out: 14:48
Runtime: 59mins
Max Depth: 17m
Max TTS: 5mins
Bottom Temperature: 23ºC
Visibility: Very good

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