Rec dive at Wied l-Għasri

Alas, it’s been a while since my last post.  Well, here goes a short entry to break the silence!

At present, I’m still collecting footage for a short film I’m working on, and this picture was taken during a dive at Wied l-Għasri, which included a hop – or should I say, fin-kick – to Cathedral cave.

This was the first time using the new drysuit during a single-cylinder, recreational dive (as opposed to a technical dive using a twinset), so it was mostly intended to be a setup familiarisation dive, with the fantastic Georgia Mainente (see photo) keeping close watch on the trim.  We quickly learnt that another dive is definitely needed before the weighting amount and distribution is nailed with this setup, so that will again be the focus of my next dive.

Georgia Mainente in Cathedral Cave

The visibility was good; the sea had calmed down following the strong winds we had last week and which are set to return beginning of the next.  The water temperature was 15ºC at the bottom; I definitely need to upgrade to some thicker gloves for Wintertime!

Well, that is all for this one.  Until the next time, happy and safe diving to all!

Dive Log Info
Date: 01/02/2017
Site: Wied l-Għasri
Time in: 14:34
Time out: 15:35
Runtime: 61mins
Max Depth: 19.6m
Bottom Temperature: 15ºC
Visibility: Good

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